Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Journal 52, Photography

This was a quick one, in the end. The photo was taken in the gardens of a castle in Scotland, the name of which I have forgotten. I love the plush purple blooms of alliums. Every year I say to myself "Plant some in your own garden, so you won't have to be jealous of other peoples' alliums!" Maybe this note to myself can help me remember next bulb planting season. Which I have to figure out when it is.

The first version was printed out in grey-scale and then colour lovingly reapplied using water colour pencils. When I wrote the text, I forgot the u in allium. For a minute I considered to squeeze it in there with an arrow. Then I grumbled for another minute, opened the file again, maximized the saturation and printed the photo in colour.

The lettering was done by hand but it was based on an actual free font you can download. It is called "just kidding" and I liked its quirkyness.

I am so far behind in this project, but next week there is no school, yay, and I hope to get some things done that I have already sketched out just not put on paper properly.

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