Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

Journal 52, Making a Mandala

At first I thought I could try and not go the Zentangle route and instead repeat a Tarot excercise where you select a couple of cards for one particular topic and find symbols in them, which you then arrange in a circular fashion, ending up with a Mandala that you can put up on your wall to remind you of the topic. I have done that once before and it worked really nicely.

But then yesterday I was a bit sad that Fengle did not want to be squeezed between those rings for the Diva's Challenge. So I got out the compass again and also my colour pencils and drew a rainbow Fengle, yay! Added some bits and pieces to give the Mandala more of a circular shape. Then I felt that I had to write something around it and this one circle chant suggested itself.

To be honest, I first counted the letters and gaps involved and divided by six so I could be sure it would fit. If I had written the text and ended up with a wonky chant circle around a picture I was really happy with, I would have had to... You know what? I just realised I could have cut out the mandala and glued it onto a fresh piece of paper. No hulking out necessary.

Still, sometimes I like to be safe rather than sorry (and having to fix things). Especially after my first allium photography page frustrated me so much, where the page itself looked nice and then this stupid typo happened. Am I the only one who sometimes pencils in the lettering first?

Edit: I just noticed that red and orange look the same after scanning. Naughty scanner!

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