Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Joey's Weekly Challenge #9

Yesterday Joey's blog informed me that in Canada the 19th of May is Victoria Day.  Therefore she asked her readers to make some art using the tangle pattern Queen's Crown.

Having lived in the UK for four years I cannot deny feeling a bit anglophile myself. For my submission tile I selected some additional patterns that I associate with Victoria, without too much rational explanation behind the choices, though. The Hi-Bred looks nice and tweedy, the Copada has a bit of an Indian feel to me and of course Knightsbridge for all the knights knighted by Her Majesty. I decided to decorate the Pearls in the crown with Cruffle because I felt like it :)

3 Kommentare:

  1. Das ist wirklich eine echt englisch angehauchte Kachel. Super gute Auswahl der Muster. Ich wünschte ich hätte mal in England leben können, dann könnte ich mich besser in dieser Sprache ausdrücken.

  2. Lovely - especially the cruffles!

  3. Wauw :-) I havend had time to make my drawing this week, because i'm preparing for my exams.