Montag, 21. April 2014

String Thing #36

Last Tuesday, Adele Bruno challenged her readers to tangle string 042 by Bunny Wright using patterns beginning with Bu: Bunzo, Bubbles, Bucky and Buttercup.

I have mentioned this elsewhere, but I would like to repeat it here: I have found Zentangle®, when I needed to reduce overthinking and worrying and judging myself and the world. It has helped me to find my zen so much. There is such magic in just sitting there, drawing line after line without too much thought of how the end result might look like. And then with a bit of shading, everything comes together and I realise I have spent half an hour or so creating something beautiful using that part of my brain which I have neglected for so long. All those lovely ladies providing weekly challenges help me by even taking the decisions of which string and which pattern to use. I cannot describe the liberating effect this has on me. So thank you Adele for the String Thing and for the kind words you find for every submission.

And here it is, my String Thing #36:

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