Freitag, 18. April 2014

Journal52, A Day in the Life of Me

I am still in the process of catching up with the Journal52 prompts. Week 12 was about a day in my life. I found it quite difficult to begin, because I am not really pleased with the currently typical day. I am a teacher and there are lots of things happening every day that chip away at my happiness and personal integrity. I guess I am just not made of the stuff that it takes to do this for life. I love the teaching itself but I will have to change my life so that I teach only small groups of kids that are there vonluntarily. And I need to have more control on what I do without the ministry of education coming up with new fancy ideas all the time.

So I scribbled lots of things I encounter every day on a page in water soluble crayons and then used a brush and water colours to work those words into something that is still there, as a background, but no longer legible. Also, I turned the page on its head to symbolize taking matters into my own hands and turning my life around without running away from it or pretending these years did not happen. They are part of me and still I can make them into something new, something more suited to me and to what I need in my life.

Then I drew a puzzle grid and filled the pieces with all those things that I could see playing a part in an ideal day. This was done in water colour pencils. The end result is relatively simple, minimalistic and wordy instead of image-heavy. But so far, it is one of the most meaningful pages for me in the Journal52 project.

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