Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

Journal 52, Recycled Art

This is another Earth Day post that is one day late. However, in terms of the Journal52 challenge, this one is unusually punctual for me. This week we had to make a page with something we had lying around our home. I used three bits of leftover wallpaper that I had intented to use in art for ages. This is from our living room, a striped version (the A4 background), one in terracotta (the globe) and one in kind of red (the landmasses on the globe). It is a bit shiny and my scanner picked up on that, but I like the effect.

The pictures are from a gardening magazine / advertisement leaflet thingy waiting to be thrown away, but then there were some interesting Urban Gardening hints and tricks in it. I am bad at throwing out reading material ;) I don't even live in an Urban area...

The writing and drawing was done in watercolour pencils. I am a big big fan of Mother Earth and I am happy that there is one day to remember her worldwide. So thank you Mother, for providing us with food and beauty and water and with minds that strive for creativity!

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  1. That's a lovely work and a good idea too. I like the terracotta colour.