Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

String Thing #38

This week, Adele Bruno challenged us to use a tilted 4 as a string to celebrate's fourth anniversary on the 4th of May. This is String 032. The patterns listed were Aquafleur, an official Zentangle® pattern, Aura Leah by Carla duPreez, Axlexa by Henrike Bratz, and AA's by Judy Murphy

I just love Aquafleur. It is so flowy and covers any shape. AA's was very meditative, maybe because my first name, Angela, starts with an A. It felt like signing the Aquafleur repeatedly. And Aura leah always looks so elegant. The Axlexa was new to me, after all it's a new pattern, and I found it quite cute while tangling. But afterwards I had to shade my tile within an inch of its life to get some contrast back :)

Montag, 28. April 2014

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #165

These UMT challenges are really nice. I enjoy being prompted to use patterns that I have never used before. Today the Diva decided to make us all draw Camelia by Anne Marks. I chose String 004 for another bit of inspiration.

The other patterns are Paushalöv, as used for the recent String Thing, and Henna Drum by Jane MacKugler. I thought this combination went well together with all the spirals and the possibilities of weighting parts of the swirls. I actually spent some time deciding which side should be up, but I was happy with this tile as it was. Apart from getting water droplets on it, that is. Once I have finished my giant bottle of non-waterproof ink, I am so getting the other thing...

And now I am excited to see the other participants' offerings!

Donnerstag, 24. April 2014

String Thing #37

This time Adele asked us to use String 031 and the patterns Paushalöv by Amy Brody, Pavonia by Angie Shade, Paizel by Angie Vangalis and Palrevo by Karry Heun. I was instantly excited, because there is so muc to like about this prompt.

My submission is an excercise in using the string as a starting point but not being restricted by it. That does not come natural to me and I try to remind myself regularly that Zentangle is about expressing myself and not about staying within the lines ;)

You still have time to enter your own tile. Come on, it's fun!

Mittwoch, 23. April 2014

Journal 52, Recycled Art

This is another Earth Day post that is one day late. However, in terms of the Journal52 challenge, this one is unusually punctual for me. This week we had to make a page with something we had lying around our home. I used three bits of leftover wallpaper that I had intented to use in art for ages. This is from our living room, a striped version (the A4 background), one in terracotta (the globe) and one in kind of red (the landmasses on the globe). It is a bit shiny and my scanner picked up on that, but I like the effect.

The pictures are from a gardening magazine / advertisement leaflet thingy waiting to be thrown away, but then there were some interesting Urban Gardening hints and tricks in it. I am bad at throwing out reading material ;) I don't even live in an Urban area...

The writing and drawing was done in watercolour pencils. I am a big big fan of Mother Earth and I am happy that there is one day to remember her worldwide. So thank you Mother, for providing us with food and beauty and water and with minds that strive for creativity!

Joey's Weekly Challenge #5

This week Joey's prompt was "mountains". Whoever knows me, knows that I am not a big fan of mountains (all that strenuous climbing of steep slopes...) but they do make for lovely landscape images.

I am not too excited about the border, but the mountains themselves came out like I wanted them to. I chose the pattern River for the mointain brook, Buttercup for a flowery meadow, Cockles and Mussels for a bit of mountain grown on top of a dried out ocean, Bucky for assorted mineral formations and Nipa because I thought it would look nice with the other patterns.

I don't know if anyone here knows Walter Moers. He is an amazing German author who does his own illustrations. These mountain ZIAs in particular remind me of his drawings. I couldn't even point to a particular picture of his that looks like this, maybe it is just the fact that he does a lot of ink drawings. Yep, that's me done rambling. Yay for Walter Moers.

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #164

I know I am a day late for this. Yesterday I had just finished a more complicated tile and then while shading got the ink all smudged beyond repair. So today I started again, but kept it simple. If you want you can still participate here. In any case you should have a look around at all the other submissions, which I am going to do today :)

Montag, 21. April 2014

String Thing #36

Last Tuesday, Adele Bruno challenged her readers to tangle string 042 by Bunny Wright using patterns beginning with Bu: Bunzo, Bubbles, Bucky and Buttercup.

I have mentioned this elsewhere, but I would like to repeat it here: I have found Zentangle®, when I needed to reduce overthinking and worrying and judging myself and the world. It has helped me to find my zen so much. There is such magic in just sitting there, drawing line after line without too much thought of how the end result might look like. And then with a bit of shading, everything comes together and I realise I have spent half an hour or so creating something beautiful using that part of my brain which I have neglected for so long. All those lovely ladies providing weekly challenges help me by even taking the decisions of which string and which pattern to use. I cannot describe the liberating effect this has on me. So thank you Adele for the String Thing and for the kind words you find for every submission.

And here it is, my String Thing #36:

Freitag, 18. April 2014

Journal52, A Day in the Life of Me

I am still in the process of catching up with the Journal52 prompts. Week 12 was about a day in my life. I found it quite difficult to begin, because I am not really pleased with the currently typical day. I am a teacher and there are lots of things happening every day that chip away at my happiness and personal integrity. I guess I am just not made of the stuff that it takes to do this for life. I love the teaching itself but I will have to change my life so that I teach only small groups of kids that are there vonluntarily. And I need to have more control on what I do without the ministry of education coming up with new fancy ideas all the time.

So I scribbled lots of things I encounter every day on a page in water soluble crayons and then used a brush and water colours to work those words into something that is still there, as a background, but no longer legible. Also, I turned the page on its head to symbolize taking matters into my own hands and turning my life around without running away from it or pretending these years did not happen. They are part of me and still I can make them into something new, something more suited to me and to what I need in my life.

Then I drew a puzzle grid and filled the pieces with all those things that I could see playing a part in an ideal day. This was done in water colour pencils. The end result is relatively simple, minimalistic and wordy instead of image-heavy. But so far, it is one of the most meaningful pages for me in the Journal52 project.

Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

The Diva's Weekly Challenge #163

To be honest, when I saw Rixty for the first time, I was not immediately convinced by how it looked. But it grew on me, not least because it is very flexible and seems to flow onto the paper by itself. You can stack it, or spread it, grow it, swirl it, spoke it or just use it sparingly to enhance a border for example. After playing with it for a while, I really enjoy the way it looks. The official step-out can be found here.

This week the Diva asked her readers to draw a tile containing Rixty. I usually try not to look at any of the other submissions before I do mine, but (also as usual) I just had to peek here and there. And they are all amazing and very varied. So if you have some time to spare, have a look for yourself starting from here.

Joey's Weekly Challenge #4

This week we had to draw something egg-related and decorate it with at least four patterns, including Warped Eggs. Yesterday I read on tanglepatterns about a new pattern called Fandango, which I thought was ideal for a ruffle on an Easter basket.

One of these days I am going to colour my pictures but today is not that day :)

I nearly forgot, we have to list the patterns we used. The basket was made with Warped Eggs, the ruffle with Fandango, obviously, the egg to the right with Telis, the one on the left with Fiore and the egg in the back with Paradox.

Happy Easter, everybody.

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Journal 52, How Does Your Garden Grow? (Joey's Challenge #2)

I have been taking part in the project "Journal52", but for the last couple of weeks I did not have a lot of time to be creative. So at the moment I am lagging behind, which is annoying in one way and a blessing in another, because Joey inspired me to do my "Garden" page very differently than I had previously planned.

Her Weekly Challenge #2 was to draw a ZIA and to colour it so that it looks kind of like stained glass. Now I have met two challenges in one go, hee hee. Although, in hindsight, it might have been wiser to not go crazy like that with the tiny, tiny circles. Also, my scanner swallowed a good bit of the colour variety in the blue department. Grr

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Joey's Weekly Challenge #3

I am on a roll... There is another challenge this week that has to do with initials. Joey asked her readers to draw the first letters of their names as "negative letters" and combine them with tangle patterns whose names start with the same letter. I was really excited to be able to use Aquafleur, which I love and in the end I totally forgot to include it. Still, I am quite happy with the finished result. I have seen these "negative" drawings before but never tried to do one myself. This may not be the last one I did.

The patterns I used were Archers, Assunta, Aura-Leah, Auraknot, Antidots, Angel Fish and Ansu. With the exception of Ansu I had used all of these before. I realised that there are lots of lovely patterns in the A-list ;)

Joey posts her challenges every Monday, so there is still time for you to participate. I for one am looking forward to next Monday.

Freitag, 11. April 2014

String Thing #35 and the Diva's Weekly challenge #162

I have decided to start this new blog for images to keep my other blog for writing about other subjects. And also, yay, this week I decided to take part in the Diva's challenge for the first time. This week she asked for strings that contain the tangler's initials. I swear there is an A and a C somewhere in there:

I have had a look at most of the other submissions and they are amazing. If you have not done so already, go and see them for yourself from here.

The other picture I want to share today is the String Thing #35. I have also drawn a tile with crescent moon but I prefer this one. I am still working on getting the value balance right and initially all the patterns were basically really light with thin lines in between, so everything was a bit bland. Thus, I kept adding shadows and extra lines within Chillon and thicker lines here and there. I like how festive and fluffy the end result looks and I am very keen to see what the others made of this challenge. If you want to, it's still time to participate.